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Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • Are global development delays and spectrum are caused by genetics fators?

  • No, almost 90% of these disorders are epigenetics caused by environmental causes and it can be changed with proper stimulation at any age.

  • What are the environmental factors that causes epigentic?

  • Unhealthy lifestyles, stress, working field, eating habits, trait by both parents, mother's stress or condition during pregnancy period, and other environmental condition during the early life of the child. These factors creates a form methylation marks that attach to our genes and it does not damage our genes but alters our genes expression. The genes that are impacted are the genes that regulate our brain development. Which is about 85% of our genes. And they are the most sensitive genes. Our brain is the only organ that has not fully formed during birth and it is designed to be shaped to our environment. It is an advantage so we can adapt to whatever environment we grow up in. However, if the environment isn't ideal, if we don't move, not interacting,  involved in stress, if we have problem somewhere that effects our brain. Other factors such as pollution, chemical (BHA, plastic and etc), lifestyles are the main problem that driving the change in our brain. (Dr.Melillo, Mother's Guide Through Autism, 2021). So, when a mother and father get together and if they have this methylation in their genes. In the old days, we believe it will not affect the baby and the baby will comes with white clean or all clean genes. However, that's not true, many of the methylation can be traced up to 11 generations. However, it is reversable will the proper brain stimulation, specific exercises and with nutrition diet plan.

  • Do you provide virtual consultation service?

  • Yes/ We provide virtual service around the globe and face to face service. For virtual service, we provide a complete guide how you can do assessment on your child and how you can stimulate your child where ever or whenever we meet our availability..

  • Is it possible to recover from autism?

  • We have over 90% kids who have been on therapy withdrawn from the diagnosis by the same doctors. For so many years in the world if you say yes people will crucify you, but the fact is Dr Robert Melillo have years of documented data evidence of before and after recorded a significant changes in behavioral scales of the kids on spectrum. Other evidence is also available the article of Scientific American (is it possible to recover from autism?) and in this they talked about in few different studies that clearly show that in a subset of kids with autism that many of them have been proved to be normalized. And that it wasn't by accident, they didn't outgrow from their symptom but they were treated in various way such as OTPT, speech, nutrition and others.


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