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MyKidz Brain Center is a platform that provides parents of special needs children with the support and guidance they need to help their children reach their full potential. We know that the journey can be tough and stressful, but we also know that with the right tools and support, you can get through it and make a difference in your child's life.

MyKidz Brain Center is not just another "book" or "course". It's a 4 step home-based holistic approach to a brain synchrony, which is a tool for identifying the root cause of the problem and providing the right solution. We believe that every child can learn and develop at the highest level possible, regardless of their abilities or disabilities.

Over the past 30 years, a Brain Researcher, Professor Of Harvard University, Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorder Expert Dr. Robert Melillo have found the real cause of the learning disabilities and developed the most effective tools and techniques to improvise these kids condition with documented proven results and data.

Learning from the best, I wish to introduce "The Melillo's Method" in Malaysia to help your child grow and develop in a healthier ways, and find resources that will give you peace of mind as you continue on this journey together!


MyKidz Brain Center is created by Mogana in Malaysia with the vision of creating hope and support for the parents, caregivers and society who have been caught in todays increasing dilemma "Childhood Neurodevelopmental Disorder" such as Global Development Delay (GDD), Autism, ADHD, DYSLEXIA, OCD, Tourette Syndrome, Tics, Bipolar Disorder, Schizophrenia and other neurological disorders

Malaysia have recorded tremendous increase in cases of kids born and developing with these disorders over a decade. Each of us are now knows at least one individual with this spectrum compare to the previous generation which is very random.

In MyKidzBrain.com we wish to help and guide parents who are lost and don't know where to start to help their kids with these spectrums. We will hold your hand and guide where to start and what to do. We create a new hope for you and your child.

#Making Impossible Possible. Beginning to a new hope!

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